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Who Uses the Global Report?

Who Uses the Global Economic and Information Technology Market Forecasts, 2004-2009 Report?

IT Product and Services Vendors

  • Senior executives - Use the Global report as a concise reference to global IT markets; as a source of data to evaluate their own company's market penetration in countries in which it does business; and as an information source for speeches, presentations, and meetings.
  • Strategic planners, product planners, and marketing executives - Use the Global report to identify the best markets for their products and services. "Best" may be defined in various ways, but it will generally mean the location (country or region) where there is optimum opportunity to achieve the company's market share, revenue, or profit goals.
  • Planning and marketing executives - Use the Global report to test the credibility of internal country or regional sales goals and market penetration plans.
  • Financial staff - Use Global market forecast data to test internal sales forecast credibility and to critique and evaluate internal financial plans.

Banks, Brokerages and Other Members of the Financial Community

  • Investors and financial analysts - Use the Global report for the same purpose as internal financial staff (but at the level of investment analysis) to test product or service revenue projection or market penetration statements made in press releases, at investor meetings or in annual or quarterly reports.
  • Banks, investors and venture capitalists - Use the Global report to evaluate IT sales and market size projections made by firms seeking new funding, or by companies in which investments have already been made.

Corporate Economists

  • Use the Global report as a source of IT-related economic analysis and forecasts.

Government Agencies, Ministries and Departments

  • Use the Global report to compare their country's IT market performance to that of other countries and regions, and as a source of data on how their country's IT markets are perceived by others.

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