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Global Economic and Information Technology Forecasts, 2004-2009

The Global Economic and Information Technology Market Forecasts report:

  • Contains 249 pages, and 239 exhibits, including 117 forecast tables and 28 country-specific Opportunity/Risk summaries

  • Uses detailed economic forecasts, prepared by economists, as a foundation for business and IT forecasts

  • Matches forecast projections to 3- and 5-year business strategic planning cycles

  • Identifies both external and internal IT spending for 28 countries, 5 regions and the world. 

  • Tracks and forecasts 3 economic indicators (GDP, inflation and unemployment) and 14 IT spending categories (information services, equipment, equipment services, data communications, professional services, network services, systems integration services, processing services, applications and operations management, application-specific systems, application and systems software products, and internal spending for staff and facilities)

  • Identifies Internet host populations and e-commerce potential for each country

  • Is offered in both print and electronic (PDF) formats

  • The print edition includes a 3.5" disk with all IT forecasts in Excel format.  If requested, the forecast files can be provided on a CD.

  • Costs: $2,950 for a print copy; $6,950 for the electronic version in PDF format (includes two print copies)

  • Published in late 2004, the report is available now

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