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"When Billions of dollars are at stake, you can rely on Spectrum."


Our expertise emphasizes clear testimony on complex economic issues in civil litigation, regulatory proceedings, legislation and ballot initiatives. Spectrum combines technical expertise with sensitivity to the regulatory, legislative, and judicial arenas in which public policies are developed and decisions are rendered. We provide comprehensive economic consulting, technical analysis, and expert testimony.

Spectrum professionals have played major roles in litigation involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Spectrum's staff led the analytic work that recovered almost $1 billion of bondholder money from the WPPSS nuclear facility bond default. We have provided precedent-setting testimony on assessing economic damages to start-up enterprises, recovering over $60 million for Meris Laboratories alone.

Spectrum has analyzed the economic impacts of some of the most significant policy initiatives in California's history, including the $30 billion proposed mandatory health insurance initiative (Proposition 166) in 1992. Spectrum staff also played an important role in unraveling the economic implications of the proposed "Big Green" initiative in the 1990 California election.

Our experience and skills, coupled with our familiarity with policy issues at the federal and state levels, enable Spectrum professionals to take a pragmatic, business-oriented approach to solving highly complex problems. Whether it be economic analysis, courtroom testimony, or public presentation, Spectrum professionals possess the depth of experience and education to deliver effective results. This goal-oriented approach has afforded Spectrum Economics unqualified success in both the public and private arenas.


  • California HMO regulation legislation, 1997
    $1 billion at stake
  • California Prop. 214 & 216, HMO regulation, 1996
    $10 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • California Prop. 186, Single Payer Health Initiative, 1994
    $30 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • California Prop. 166, Mandatory Health Insurance, 1992
    $10 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • Impacts of Utility Entry into Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance, 1998
    $67 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • Impacts of Palo Alto Nuclear Free Zone Initiative, 1987
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • Impact of California Air Resources Board On-Board Diagnostic Regulations, 1998
    $40 billion at stake.
  • Impact of Proposed South Coast Air Quality Management District New Source Rules, 1990-91
  • California Prop. 128 (Big Green Initiative), 1990
    $50 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • Impact of Proposed Living Wage on Los Angeles, 1997
  • Impact of Repealing California's Prevailing Wage Laws, 1996
    $1 billion at stake
  • Impact of Proposed Proposition 211, Securities Litigation
    $5 billion at stake
    Result: Victory for Spectrum's clients.
  • Spectrum studies are performed by senior professionals, not inexperienced junior staff.
  • With Spectrum's low overhead, Spectrum's senior professionals cost no more than the junior staff at larger firms.

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